Electric Guitars

Budagov’s greatest desire, after 35 years of playing, was to produce the perfect guitar. Excellent sounding guitars in a wide style range that answers the musician’s every need. In order to reach his goal and get the best result possible, Budagov contacted the world’s biggest wood suppliers, who supply the woods to the biggest and most well-known brands.
It is very important to be aware of the significance of wood quality as the primary source for sound quality, not only in acoustical instruments but in electric guitar as well. Since the primary sound source is the wood itself it is advisable to check the guitar sound without the amplifier first and listen to its natural sound.

The woods which the Budagov Guitars are made of were selected with maximum attention to hardness and the desired dryness. Only then the pickups were selected. “..If a guitar doesn’t sound good without the amplifier no pickup in the world could save it” says Budagov.
The pickup line that was selected was matched with the different guitar models and it is also important to note that there is an option to custom tailor build the guitar to the guitarist needs.

Budagov believes that even the young aspiring musician at the beginning stages deserves a quality instrument that will encourage and inspire him to keep playing. It is imperative that the first instrument will be adequate for the young hands in producing the first sounds and the quality of the first instrument should not be considered lightly.

” For many long years I’ve been playing the Fender Stratocaster and when I entered the guitar production arena I decided to try and give a solution for the things that were missing to my taste with the modern versions of this guitar for so many years.  Lucky for me I know my way around guitars. So here is how it goes: a quality guitar starts with a quality wood. The wood standard I make my guitars from is high and uniform. The electronics and pickups are of the highest levels. I work in cooperation with Seymour Duncan who is one of the world’s best and well known pickup manufacturers. And the Premium model I am currently working on was created according to his instructions and by the same system utilized by Leo Fender in the 50′s and 60′s.
The Strat Master is for advanced players and has a ‘C’ shaped neck. This neck is a little thicker and is built according to the sizes that were used in the 60′s. The wood is Alder and the pickups identical to the original Fenders of the 60′s.

The Strat Vintage is our professional model. It is divided into a very few different directions when each one has its own intention. The differences are in the pickups and the desired style of playing- for Metal/ Rock etc.( the type of coil used and number of windings) the winding (0-8), type of electronics, the desired level of resistance/ resonance with the pickup. The type of wood the body is made of and its weight, the ‘C’ shape or ‘V’ shape of the neck and a few more nuances. The woods are aged and dried, you can be certain that when I create guitars I know what I am doing. You can order from me custom guitars that are tailor-made to your needs without any fear.”