Acoustic Guitars

The sound of Acoustic and Classical guitars is a combination of both science and touch .In order to achieve the sound I was looking for I chose different wood types based on the vast experience I gained in in over 3 decades as a professional musician. The types of woods I selected are: Mahogany, Rosewood, Spruce, Cedar, Maple and Bubinga .each one has different characteristics that influence the sound and character of the guitar. Then I chose a factory that specializes in hand- made production and its expertise is acoustic instruments to produce my guitars.
Most of the amplified guitars we make have a built in tuner, equalizer and pre-amp that are smaller compared to other similar guitars. This is an important advantage- the smaller the size that the non-wood particles take there is more ‘wood-space’  which is much better for the sound of the guitar.

For Acoustic Guitars amplification I chose the famous and excellent Fishman Classic 4T. It has 4 frequency ranges and a built in tuner. This pre-amp transmits the sound of the guitar in a natural and accurate way and can be used to control all of the frequencies. On top of that it adds warmth and enriches the sound.

Another important advantage- when using the tuner the guitar is automatically mutes so it is possible for the musician to freely tune the guitar while performing without any distraction to the audience.

to your success,

Samuel Budagov